Plastic Free Salish Sea seeks to change citizen behavior and the culture of plastics use. 

We strive to eliminate single-use plastics in San Juan County and clean up our waters.


As we stand here in the San Juan Islands we get to really appreciate the beauty of the entire ecosystem.  But what you can’t see from up here is a crisis brewing under the fragile waters caused by all the plastics that we are using.

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans is having a devastating effect on marine life and human health. Plastic debris is found daily on San Juan County’s shorelines. Microplastics are particularly worrying given that they are found in fish and shellfish and even in sea salt, so in turn also finding it’s way into our diets. Our use of plastic, particularly single-use, must change. The goal of this website is to provide a resource for all solid waste, recycling, waste reduction, and zero waste resources, events, and organizations in San Juan County.

Check out our Resources page for useful links and infographics for easy ways to reduce your use of plastic!

Who We Are

We are currently made up of a group of organizations from around the county and are welcoming more all the time.