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every year
8 million metric tons
of plastic goes into the ocean
in the marine environment a plastic bottle can last up to
450 years
50% of plastic
we use is single use

easy ways to cut down on the plastic you use

buy clothing made with natural materials
use less detergents and use homemade cleaners
use non-plastic packaging
use reusable cutlery and boxes
don’t release balloons into the sky
The phrase “plastic free” is about making choices. It’s little decisions that we make every day, like the kinds of produce I buy at the grocery store, the skin care products I use in the morning, and the items I get online from Amazon – looking for the least amount of packaging.
Amy Nesler
Stewardship & Communications Coordinator
San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau
San Juan Island
Working towards arriving at societal consensus in demanding regulatory and political changes to eliminate the overuse of plastics and achieving worldwide investment in green infrastructure to switch to new innovations and alternatives.
Erin Licata
Administrative Director
Coast Salish Youth Stewardship Corps, Madrona Institute
Anacortes, WA
Eliminating plastic waste is so important in an island community surrounded by fragile marine waters.
Katie Fleming
Solid Waste Coordinator
San Juan County Department of Environmental Stewardship
San Juan Island
I believe, here in the heart of the San Juan Islands, we can dive a little deeper and experience more fully our relationships to one another and all the living creatures who call this place home.
Nick Teague
Artist & Worker Bee
Lopez Island
I value our pristine ecosystems both marine and terrestrial on the San Juan Islands and see responsible waste management as a part of that important stewardship.
Nikyta Palmisani
Training, Outreach and Education Coordinator
Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District
Lopez Island
As a scuba diver, I’ve seen first hand the impact of single-use plastics on our waterways. My first method of defense is to refuse and reduce.
Richie Denmark
Diver, Cameraman, Nature lover
San Juan Island