Erin Licata - Plastic Free Salish Sea
Erin Licata
Administrative Director
Coast Salish Youth Stewardship Corps, Madrona Institute
Anacortes, WA

Erin Licata

When I am present in the San Juans (or anyplace really) the aesthetic quality and my sense of health depreciates when I am surrounded by literal garbage in the storm drains, on the beach, the street, and everywhere around me.

To me, “Plastic Free” means a world in which we no longer use non-biodegradable plastic. Working towards arriving at societal consensus in demanding regulatory and political changes to eliminate the overuse of plastics and achieving worldwide investment in green infrastructure to switch to new innovations and alternatives.

I intentionally choose products with minimal plastic packaging and look for alternatives when available and/or choosing not to buy. I reduce and reuse as much as humanly possible. I bring my own water bottle, coffee cup, utensils etc. and bring glass Tupperware for takeout when allowed.