adopt a road

Welcome to our Adopt a Road program, sister to our Adopt a Beach program!  Perhaps you are already a Beach Steward and are looking for more stewardship opportunities, or perhaps a road is simply easier for you to access and keep clean – either way, we are pleased you are interested in joining our initiative as a volunteer Road Steward as we work together to maintain the beauty of San Juan County’s roadways.


Firstly, and most importantly: the safety and well-being of our Adopt a Road volunteers is our biggest priority as you work on the roadside. Please review this list of Adopt a Road Safety Protocols both before you sign up for the program, and again every time you participate in a clean-up effort. Regardless of how committed we are to keeping our roadways clean, safety must always be the primary concern while participating in Adopt a Road.

Become a Road Steward

By becoming a Road Steward, you are promising to help clean your adopted stretch of road at times that suit you. You could pledge to clean every week, once a quarter, or somewhere in between – whatever works for you! And once you have cleaned your road section, simply come back and report your effort here, which will allow us to track how much litter is collected from our streets.

Wondering where to adopt? That’s also up to you! Take a look around at some roads in your neighborhood, or explore the interactive map below, and let us know which section(s) you’d like to adopt, again keeping in mind that safety is of the utmost importance (some roads simply aren’t safe for reasons such as a lack of shoulder or blind corners – please review the note on safety above).

If you don’t have a road section in mind but are still eager to adopt, let us know and we’ll work with you to find a suitable section. Private driveways and community roads are also acceptable, so long as you have permission to access them. Finally, a road can have any number of Stewards (including individuals, families, teams, or other groups) – the more the merrier!

Please read the waiver here.

    Please read and sign the waiver here.

    What do you do with what you collect?

    Report your effort!  By reporting your effort, you help us keep track of how impactful this program is. Besides being both useful and interesting information to know and share, this can also help maintain our funding for keeping the program alive.

    Bags of collected litter? Please take them to your island’s solid waste station and explain to the station’s clerk that what you have is “public litter,” providing the location from which it was collected, and they should dispose of it free of charge.

    Large Debris/Dumped items? Please only lift only what you can safely, requesting help when necessary. If you have any doubt or inability to safely lift larger items, we ask that you do not, and instead email us at [email protected].