Adopt a Road Safety Protocols

Your safety and the safety of those around you, including drivers, is the top priority when participating in the Adopt a Road program.  You must always follow the below protocols when participating in a roadside clean-up.

Wear high-visibility clothing, such as a reflective vest – this is mandatory.  It is also advisable to wear a hardhat, gloves, safety glasses, and thick-soled, close-toed shoes.

Only participate in roadside clean-up activities during daylight hours and favorable weather conditions.  Never attempt a clean-up when it is dark or there is heavy wind or rain, snow or other freezing conditions, electrical storms, or other inclement weather.

Work toward on-coming traffic (following standard traffic protocol for pedestrians).

Remain alert at all times and be prepared for any unexpected behavior by motorists; never assume a driver sees you.

Stay clear of construction areas or utility work zones.

Take your work and your safety seriously at all times – no horseplay, pranks, or other shenanigans.

Do not drink alcohol or use other substances prior to or while participating in clean-up activities.

Avoid overexertion and heat-related medical issues by drinking water and taking breaks.

Do not go into roadways or roundabout islands to remove litter – remain outside the road margins.

Watch out for and take care handling nails, screws, broken glass, or other sharp objects; use a box for disposal (as opposed to a bag).

Do not pick up any item that you are concerned about handling or appears hazardous.  Syringes, needles, and other potential drug paraphernalia should be left alone and the authorities alerted.

Do not attempt to scale steep embankments or other hazardous landscape features.

Please respect other pedestrians and non-motorists (walkers, runners, bikers, etc.) and give them the right of way.

For groups:  Walk single file along roadway and only work one side of the road at a time.