One mile of sandy shoreline is accessed from the parking area located about 4 miles south of Lopez Village along Fisherman Bay Road, turning onto Bayshore Road and continuing along Fisherman Bay to Peninsula Road. The walk through open meadows, woodlands and wetland to the beach and spit marks the entrance to Fisherman Bay. The area is visible from Lopez Village, Fisherman Bay and San Juan Channel and host to one of the last commercial reef netting sites.

What do you do with what you collect?

Once you have cleaned your beach simply come back and report your effort, this will allow us to track how much litter is collected from our beaches.

Bags of collected litter? Please take them into your island’s solid waste station, and explain to the station’s clerk it is “public litter,” the general location name it came from, and don’t forget to report your effort and the amount you collected here. Litter from Shaw or outer islands? Please email

Large debris/dumped items? Please only lift what you can safely lift and getting help is always good. If you have any doubt or inability to safely lift larger items, we ask that you do not, and instead email us at

current stewards

AnneMarie Killen-Gall